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19 May 2022
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IMPORTANT: The Registration form (and all other forms) only works with English selected in the 'Select Language' option (top-left of page).

To register as the owner or as a co-owner of a property of the La Feria community at Calle Anfora, Campo De Golf Las Ramblas,ORIHUELA- COSTA please complete the following form. To update your existing registration please login and use the registration page to update your details.

The property numbers listed below are either those for which a registration doesn't currently exist or where the first (or primary) registration indicated that there were co-owners.

On completion of your registration it will be submitted for approval by the residents association and you will receive an email confirming your registration request. If you register as a co-owner (see below) the primary owner will will receive an email confirming your registration request and be asked to approve it. On approval of your registration you will be notified by email and you will then be able to login and use the website.

For the purposes of running the website the first person who registers against a property is recognised as the primary owner. If they indicate in their registration that there are co-owners then others may register as co-owners of the property. The only significant difference is that the primary owner approves the registration of co-owners whereas the primary owner's registration is approved by the resident's association. This distinction between primary owner and co-owners is purely to aid the administration and running of the website.

New Owner?

If you a new owner and your property isn't listed or you are asked to register as a co-owner then it indicates that the previous owner's registration is still present. If so please click here to contact the committee and inform them that the property has been sold and that you are the new owner. Once this is confirmed the previous owner's registration will be removed and you will be able to register.

Before registering please read the information about acceptable use of the website. By registering you are accepting these terms.

Acceptable Use of Website

Click Here for Form Completion Help and Further Information

Your Property No.:

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